Costa Rica Eco Tours

Costa Rica eco tour with Chill Expeditions takes your travel experience to a new level. Our unique approach to eco-immersion aims at providing a comprehensive perspective that is relevant to the life of the traveler. Our Costa Rica eco tours are focused on interweaving all aspects of your destination, as they are in real life; biology, ecology, culture, adventure, language, conservation, agriculture, service, and more. By helping to create unique, profound experiences, full of captivating new knowledge and within a backdrop of stunning natural beauty, you are sure to find new levels of understanding about not only our world, but each other. The result is a more sophisticated level of travel, whether you are traveling with family or with students.

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Costa Rica EcoClassroom adventure with Chill Expeditions will likely be one of the most profoundly meaningful experiences in a student traveler’s life. We introduce students to inspiring visionaries who are making positive changes in the world. Using our powerful 360-degree story approach, we provide greater context within your eco adventures so that students not only begin to see a much larger picture, but how they fit into that picture.

With layers upon layers of authentic, intellectually deep experiences, the result is much more profound than your traditional eco tour. In addition to challenging outdoor adventures in stunning natural settings, students on Chill Expeditions eco tours are also introduced to the intellectual adrenaline. With so many opportunities to truly engage and connect—with the natural world, the local people, and fellow travel mates—Eco Classroom gives students pause; an impact that will endure long after the trip is over. Read More

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Our guided Costa Rica family trips are the perfect recipe for awesome spontaneous adventures that leave lasting memories. With our naturalist guides’ professional service and intimate knowledge of the country—from the best restaurants or best local ice cream shop to the secret swimming hole or secluded sunset spot—combined with your own personalized itinerary, the possibilities are endless! Read more

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EarthConnnect Summer for Teens

For students interested in Costa Rica eco tours in summer, our EarthConnect program for teens goes beyond the traditional camp or trip abroad program. Each week of our program seamlessly blends to provide incredible adventures, wilderness exploration, cultural immersion, community service opportunities, Spanish and biology learning (for all levels of ability and experience) and educational opportunities galore. Our eco-immersion programs are the most profound way to gain a realistic perspective on life in another country. Students engage in authentic connections with locals and fellow travelers. The opportunity to make new friends and explore a country in multiple locations allows students to learn, live, and connect in a variety of amazing settings. Read more

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