Costa Rica Pacific Coast

Taste Traditional tico food made from innovative, sustainable solar cookers. Delectable.

Meet one of the most influential evolutionary ecologists and biologists in the world. Inspiring.

Travel off the beaten path to explore the rain and cloud forests of the province. Removed.

Horseback through the tropical humid and dry forests in search of wildlife. Then tube down a refreshing river with expert guides. Thrilling.

Hike through vast pastures and verdant forests atop high mountains for the perfect view of the ocean.Breathtaking.

Hike to the top of the Rincon Volcano passing bubbling mud pits and volcanic rock while learning about geology and history. Engaging.

Learn to dance to the sound of marimbas with the locals and friends. Carefree.

Explore the history of the Guanacaste area and hear stories of cattle ranchers who defended their land. Inspiring.

The Pacific Coast of Costa Rica–home to world-class beaches, stunning wildlife, and some of the richest cultural traditions in Central America. During your time on the Pacific Coast, you can witness the incredible phenomenon of thousands of turtles nesting, make traditional handcrafts in an indigenous village, or learn about some of the most groundbreaking efforts in tropical conservation worldwide with a visit to a biological field station. The Pacific Coast of Costa Rica is one of the richest areas of the country in culture, ecology, biology, and history. A visit here is a can’t miss part of an eco-immersion expedition of a lifetime.


Rincon Vieja

Santa Rosa Park

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